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 Big Server Update

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PostSubject: Big Server Update   Thu Dec 08, 2016 6:43 pm

10 September "Respawn WoW was launched, It didn't had good population Main Reason is it was hosted on Hamachi due to Owner's Network problems.and now I decided to make a full rework on this project and below will be a list with Major and Minor Changes.


  • New Malls Includes "Horde Mall" and 'Alliance Mall'

  • Teleporter Full Re-Build

  • New Awesome Quests with Epic Rewards such as (Donation Token, Transfer, V.I.P Access) And a new awesome token which will give u access to new Content before it gets added in the Normal Realm

  • NEW Awesome Scripts


The Minor Changes are really Simple

1. Donation, and Tier 7,8 and 9 will be Buffed with 20%
2. Bosses will now have "Shield Wall"
3. All Classes will be buffed
4. Tier 1 will be buffed
5. Developer's Realm will be Launched (If you have "Dev Token" You'll will be given with Special Rank "Spectator" you will be able to test and give a feedback before the item/boss/quest is added to the Normal Realm)
6. Staff will be changed with more good and experienced Game Masters, Developers, Head-Admins etc.

THE FULL REWORK OF RESPAWN WoW WILL BE FINISHED AT: 15.2.2017 : Reason: I'am working alone at everything, It still isn't the correct date but I get the right to Adjust the delay.

WARNING: It isn't 100% Sure the BIG Update will be Successful. I have the full Right to stop the project at any time. So make sure you check our forum for more Information for now that's it. I hope we finish the Update Successfully

Regards RespawnWoW Owner:Security
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Big Server Update
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